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Railroad Spike Bottle Opener

Open a beer in style!

In Stock...STARR X STAINLESS STEEL wall mounted bottle openers...

Above is the first sample of the STARR X Stainless wall mount bottle opener. This opener just sat in a bag of SALT WATER for 3 days. Good water right out of Long Island Sound. If you need an opener for your boat, this is it. In Stock Now!

These stainless openers will laser engrave beautifully and can be electropolished to make the opener and the logo stand out. They are REAL and they are SPECTACULAR! $8.00 each including stainless steel screws.

Order some today. We have plenty in stock

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Small 3 1/2" stainless steel cap catchers. Perfect for home or boat. Catch caps. Think of other uses.
These cap catchers are brush finished 304 stainless - will never rust - and are in stock. See the catalog.

Stamped Steel Closed Loop Bottle Opener

3 1/8" long stamped steel .075" thick. Logo embossed as the opener is made.
Available in nickel plate (shown)and black oxide.
Minimum order 10,000 pieces. Die charge for your logo one time, $900.00.
Price each is currently running under 30 cents. 6 to 9 weeks normal production time.
These can also be laser engraved or screened in smaller quantities.
Other stamped shapes available.

The Surfboard bottle opener is 5 inches long and available in nickel or black. They can also be powder coated to order and laser engraved.

Black & Tan Spoon

Click on the image above to see and buy this amazingly popular and functional spoon which allows you to make layered beer.

Gifts,Pictures, Prices

The catalog lets you order gift bottle openers over the internet using PAYPAL. It works and it is safe.

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for BOTTLE OPENERS, PINT GLASSES and other gifts.
If you want to place an order, email, call or click the HumanClick link below. If we are online we will answer you right away.
We will be glad to chat and answer any questions.

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For other single bottle openers go the the retail page. Back in and tan spoons!

Product Information -- CYMBA Bronze Bottle Opener

CYMBA Cast Bronze Bottle Openers Look Great, Feel Great and "Speak" Quality to compliment your premium product. Your label or logo on the handle conveys pride in your product. Bartenders love these openers. Regular people love them as well. They are just better!

Collectible openers like these are in antique shops. I saw a similar one in a NC antique mall priced at $280+. Cool, but probably still there. Yours will become collectible too giving added product recognition. Consumers will want one. Collectors will need one!

The Finest Quality

CYMBA Bronze Bottle Openers are solid cast bronze. They weigh a solid nine ounces and are 5 1/2 inches long. They are polished to a satin finsih and ready for decoration. CYMBA Bottle Openers are coated with a clear finish. This step can be omitted if you desire the piece to tone to an antique bronze patina over time. They are available in white bronze as well. This looks like stainless or nickel silver. Very cool. All production is done in the United States assuring highest quality and reasonable delivery times. There are other sizes of CYMBA openers. Look through these pages to see pictures of the styles.

What's New?...


Get out of jail free....not quite, but this is pretty close to a real key used in correctional type places. This opener does a good job opening a beer bottle or a long neck soda.
Laser cut shape made from 400 series high quality chef knives and custom knives. The opener is then tumbled and finally electropolished. This is 3 1/8" long. First done for Alcatraz Brewing.


In case there is any question, you can have your own bronze opener deep etched with the word BARTENDER. . It is COOL. It is a great Christmas gift for your favorite barkeep or yourself. Keep one in your pocket or purse in case of emergencies. The Bartender comes in a black poly sheath to strap onto the bartenders belt. Always ready for great beer action. $25.00 plus $4.00 shipping and handling. Buy more with no additonal shipping.

Strap On Opener

This is a handy opener for Bartenders who have the need for speed. Elastic band runs through the opener and around the back of the hand. Keeps the opener ready for action and lets you do the 1000 other things as well. Look!

Custom Engraved Beer Glasses

Sturdy functional pint glasses and several other styles. Sand blast engraved with your logo. Both in wholesale and retail quantities. A selection of glasses and steins. Here is a picture of one of the pint glasses.

Golfer's Divot Fixer

New CYMBA golfer's divot fixer and bottle opener. Perfect for summer golf classics, with your brewery logo or name. Steel with black finish or nickel plate, or it can be powder coated in almost any color.

STARR Bottle Opener

Now available in the STARR X stainless version shown above. Ready to be decorated with your logo. Price is $6.50 each plain or $7.50 and up each laser engraved with your black and white line art. Price depends on engraving coverage. Setup for the artwork is $55.00 Call 1-978-652-9622

The popular beer logo Starr X stationery bottle openers are now available on the Catalog page.

New Images of CYMBA Products

Just For Openers... an Association for You.

Click on the links below to see a pair of openers made for the 21st JFO convention in Naples Florida, April, 1999. The opener on the right is laser engraved on brush finished stainless. 100 of these were made. The opener on the left has similar art which is coin etched leaving the outline and the text raised and the remainder cut away. These are proofs and there are six of them. To see some pictures of this piece in different stages of development click on the buttons below.

If you are interested in collecting bottle openers (antique, modern, figural, micro) and want to know more about opener history, types, rarity and the people that collect them, join JUST FOR OPENERS. It is the association for opener collectors. Print out this application and send to John Stanley at the address on the form. John also has a new bottle opener book which updates new finds and is the most comprehensive tome on openers around.

Stay tuned for more information on openers of all kinds. Visit the JFO website

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Custom Bottle Openers for Brewers and others.
A great opener for a great beer!

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